The discovery of the century: Gravitational waves finally intercepted
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Naples (Italy), 4 aprile 2012 (Casertasette Newsbook) - They were right under our nose but we couldn’t see them because we were using and still use nowadays an inappropriate and expensive instrumentation or, in a more colorful language, an inadequate pair of gold-rimmed glasses. But the most important and unexpected aspect is the inedited consequence coming from this fact. In effects, the one we can define the most important discovery of the century is nothing else than a little and hidden part of a true, shocking and unknown scientific explosion having inside of it very formidable scientific implications. Effectively, you will realize that only by talking about gravitational waves it’s like we had talked about the little part of an iceberg, hiding underwater a frightful and powerful mass to be explored. Abnormal mass full of revolutionary consequences nearly cancelling the fact that finally we succeed in intercepting, obviously in experimental way, those elusive gravitational waves preconized by General Relativity and searched in vain by international scientific community still investing intellectual and economic resources in this research. Those that seem to be foolish affirmations are instead demonstrated right in the first 26 pages of The Unification of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves. The gravitational waves. The Antigravity. First Part by Carlo Santagata & MyBoook Editor), available in italian language too (L’Unificazione dei campi elettromagnetici e gravitazionali. Le onde gravitazionali. L’Antigravità) that the reader can download for free from the editor website. A few pages to convince that the gravitational interaction is not other than a particular aspect of the electromagnetic interaction of matter. That’s demonstrated by the fact that a gravitational variation of the Earth-Moon dipole, just to make an example, involves a corresponding magnetic variation that can be detected with a common terrestrial magnetogram. Then it’s easy to conclude that the magnetic terrestrial field constitutes an irreplaceable and formidable antenna for the gravitational waves coming both from our solar system and abysses of the cosmos so now we have the possibility to see the entire creation even through this gravitational light, that is electromagnetic. But if this is true, and so if gravity is not other than a particular electromagnetic manifestation of matter, then we can conclude that is possible , with opportune equipment entirely electromagnetic, To vary as we like the gravitational field surrounding any mass And this opportunity is enormously stronger of the one to finally detect the gravitational waves. But wahat does that mean? Nowadays we are able to fly thanks to helical propulsion (in presence of air) or using action and reaction principle applied in our advanced missiles. But if, as we say, the gravity is not other that an exclusively electromagnetic field, we can, with opportune equipment entirely electromagnetic, to vary the gravitational action that, for example the Earth, performs on anybody gravitating on its surface. The consequences of this fact are evident and immediate.

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Carlo Santagata The Unification of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves. The gravitational waves. The Antigravity. First Part Publisher: & MyBook 160 pp. Price: 35,00 € ISBN: 9788865600368

Carlo Santagata, born in 1944, lives in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta), where he has been exercising the profession of engineer for 35 years. As a member of the Italian Society of Physics, performs an intensive activity in scientific research. He has published different articles on various international reviews about some inedited properties of matter and researches on Quantum Mechanics fundaments. You can have further informations of theoretical physics and structural engineering by going on

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